November 26, 2007

Moe Year-End Business, and a Video of Happiness

The Moe Berg schedule continues to have very little performing, but plenty of producing and co-writing. He'll do his country axe-slinging alongside Pursuit Pal Shannon Lee Briggs for a show at the Horseshoe Tavern December 7 (part of the 'shoe's 60th birthday celebrations!). But starting around now going through the new year, he's helping out fabulous artists and bands like Emily Weedon (including a country DJ set at her fundraiser), The Holy Fields, Mike Slute and Alison McLean of Calling Wendy. Another highlight of 2008 will no doubt be Moe working again with Renée and her brilliant sisters on a full-length début album for The Ambers!

But if you really want to see Moe play, check out an amazing video on youtube of a performance earlier this year. If The Pursuit of Happiness was a sentence, this is the beautiful period.