March 9, 2009

Moe Makes Master Tracks, Ambers on CDBaby

Yes, it's been a while. Here are some things to catch up on.

Moe and longtime friend Laurence Currie have been hard at work on a project called "Master Tracks" for Aux, part of the website/digital TV channel BiteTV. Each episode follows a young band in the studio with Moe and Laurence as they take one song from "demo to download". The first episode airs tonight on the tv channel, and will then be available on the site. Last Wednesday, Moe talked about the project (and the Blackhawks) with Dave Bookman on 102.1 The Edge, and you can download an eight-minute .mp3 of the chat here.

Meanwhile, out west, Renée and her awesome sisters, otherwise known as The Ambers, now have their album (produced by Moe) available for sale on CDBaby! Rain and Sun features Renée's lead vocals on four tracks. She wrote three songs on her own, and co-wrote with Moe on two, while Moe wrote "Endless Summer" and co-wrote "City Lights" with Melanie Himli. Hear samples and order here.