March 28, 2008

MF Dance Drama, Frozen Ambers, Kris & Dee Unpack Guitars

Of course, we were all shocked by the controversial elimination of Brad From Halifax on "Dancing With the Stars" (seriously, there's no way she lifted him above waist-level!), but fortunately his appearance there served to promote the next monster-mega Monteforte show at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern May 2. But make sure Carrie-Ann doesn't come, or else there'll be such a catfight!

Meanwhile, in Moe news, he braved -20 to -40C temperatures back home in Edmonton to produce the lovely Suchy sisters for the upcoming Ambers album, which should have mixing completed any minute now - around the same time he should be finishing up his project with The Holy Fields.

We've also heard from the greatly-missed Kris Abbott, who moved a bit east a while back with her fabulous wife Dee. They've settled into their new place enough that they've "unpacked our guitars and now we put them on the same stand." They've been using them too, and you can hear some of the results so far on their new myspace page!