December 2, 2013

A Moe Berg Song About YOU?

We've mentioned before the great work Moe's wife Laura has been doing with her company My Smart Hands, which teaches babies and other kids to communicate through sign language to help their early communication skills. Her YouTube videos with daughter Fireese (with musical help from Moe) have views in the millions. Now she wants to take her video production to the next level, and your help can mean some pretty sweet perks for TPOH fans.

Laura has an Indie GoGo campaign going to raise money for a new series of instructional videos. While the many perks for contributing include exclusive song and video downloads and a chance to have your child in one of the new videos; other big Moe-related perks include copies of his excellent short-story book The Green Room, advice on a submitted demo song of yours...and for the top perk, a Moe Berg song with your name in it!

What really matters, though, is that the Bergs can get bigger and better taking their message of fun communication and literacy to more and more families around the world. So whatever you can give will no doubt be appreciated. So donate now!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Fireese is an amazing little girl and a great teacher!

I wish you both the best!